EXCELLENCE IN THE CRAFT. Second-year Mass Communication student Crisha Arroyo was given recognition as an “Excellent Trainee” of the KDB Global Leadership Program from October to December 2020 via a Youtube live stream from the Konju National University. ”I had to let go of some things just for this. I learned that when we really want something, as long as we set our hearts into it, the universe will conspire to make it happen,” she said. Among forty students from Central and Southeast Asia, Arroyo was the only Filipino participant that received the recognition. The “Excellent Trainee” award of the KDB Global Leadership Program is given to participants who showed outstanding performance during the program. KDB Global Leadership Program by the KDB Bank and KDB Foundation gathers students worldwide to hone them in becoming potential global leaders wherein selected students may receive scholarships and jobs.

(News by Cristian Jay Plaza