Fr. President Fray Don Besana opened the Midterm Strategy Formulation gathering last February 5, 2021, with the reminder that Charity is the foundation of our being. It is because of charity that we are all here. We have to remind everyone that we love them. We need to let them feel our love.

The celebrations before the assembly were meaningful. We all started with Holy Eucharist the honoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the heart overflowing with charity. Secondly, we paid tribute and last respects to our former University President Fray Jose Antonio Rodrigalvarez, OAR who passed away last January 16, 2021. The Fr. President was touched by how the faculty members loved Fr. Rodrig. He told everyone that when one is given an authority, one should understand that the authority is from God and we have to do our best, especially in “loving” those entrusted to us. And the awarding of our 2020 Loyalty awardees was a manifestation of how “loyal” are these awardees to the ideals of the university. Caritas et Scientia will forever be printed in their hearts and being.

Fr. Besana invited everyone to be thankful to God for a good enrollment figure despite the on-going pandemic, the 100% salary, and all the blessings that God has given and continues to give us. He added that this Midterm Strategy Formulation will provide us with a Road map for effective governance which is part of a bigger master plan of Go for us. The Fr. President also gave his report on what the administration had done in the past three years. He closed his message with “We are doing something.” -communitarian.