Fifteen (15) Korean students were welcomed by the UNO-R community for a 2-3 weeks Immersion Program at the Integrated School spearheaded by the Special Technological and Educational Programs (STEP) Office on January 6, 2020, held at the Conference Room, Integrated School Building. The primary purpose of this program in partnership with Jason English Language School (JELS) is to allow foreign students to attend English classes or any classes in the University to improve their English language abilities and their understanding of other cultures. Alongside with it, they will also be exposed to Filipino subjects and culture for holistic cultural understandings. Among the students are Kim Jeonghyun; Cho Hyunwoo; Kim Minjun; Park Joonhyeong; Park Jihyeong; Lim Doyoon; Kim Eunseo; Kim Younjung; Ko Eunsung; Lee An; Kim Taemin; Kim Bori; Kang Chaehyun; Kang Mujin; and Lee Haeseong. Hence, the commencement date of the aforementioned program is on January 7, 2020. (Mr. Elmeer Meeynard D. Calimpos)