Fray William Villaflor, OAR, Local Prior of Recoletos de Bacolod community, in his homily during the 431st foundation anniversary of the Order. He shared that we all need to recharge and going to Mass is a way of RECHARGING. Fr. Villaflor opened his homily with a quote from the late Jaime Cardinal Sin on the occasion of the birthday of Imelda Marcos, “Birthdays are not only thanksgiving but a day to become holier.” He also quoted the Prior General, Fray Miguel Miro, OAR in his message for the members of the Order, “We are remembering the past with gratitude, Live the present with passion and embrace the future with Hope. The Prior General further said that we are challenged to look at the examples of our Augustinian Recollect brothers in the past and look forward to the future. Fr. Villaflor told the faithful that the Order is undergoing revitalization which is rebuilding, recharging and renewing of the structure and the members. He also recounted the history of the birth of the Order in December 5, 1588 in OSA General Chapter in Castille, Toledo, Spain where a group of friars sought for a more intense adherence to the Rule of St. Augustine. He said that the “reformists” were inspired by the Holy Spirit, as well as today, the friars are also responding to the challenges of the times by the grace of the Holy Spirit. In 2016, the Order saw that a renewal was again necessary so as not to lose the Recollect identity. Fr. William also shared that it is sad to note that less number of young people respond to the call for religious life and the members of the Order are becoming older and older. But, there is need to focus on being more faithful to the calling of the Lord. The Order is now focusing on the fraternal life of the members, carrying out of the mission and to be present where we are needed. He mentioned that we have already missionaries in Cuba and Indonesia as added in the OAR mission territories. We have to be shepherds, prophets of today’s world; evangelizers of the Good news in season and out of season as the Gospel tell us. He ended his homily by asking the community’s forgiveness of the shortcomings of the Religious. He then petitioned the faithful to pray for the members of the Order for a strong commitment to God and to the Order.