The Fray Luis de Leon Library celebrates the 85th National Book Week starting November 25 -29, 2019 with the theme, “ Inclusive. Innovatoive. Interconnected. “ Actvities lined up for the week includes Book Mobile in Resource handumanan (Nov. 27); Integrated School Library book club activities (Nov. 28) and Awarding of Top Borrowers and IMC users (Nov. 29). This year’s top borrowers for the faculty category are Ms. Wilma Maravilla, MAEd (RBGS); Dr. Nieves Hibaler – Pepito (CAS); and Ms. Vanessa M. Candelario (IS N-10). Top IMC user are Ms. Loriejen Fidelson (CCJE) and Mr. David Tiansay (IS Gr 11-12) and top Periodical Library user is Ms. Pamela Mae Salaza (IS N-10). Top borrowers for the student category are Lyanjo Kent Limbaga (College of Engineering); Patrick Miguel Ajos (RBGS); Alfonso Pantaleon; Enzo Panique; and Mika Angela Gonzaga(IS N-10).