DENR Regional Director Dr. Sofie T. Manuel, CESO V met with University President Fray. Don H. Besana, OAR, June 7, at UNO-R, to turn over the school’s Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC). The ECC makes UNO-R the first university and school campus in Negros Occidental to have been granted with the certification which was issued by the DENR Environmental Management Board (EMB) Region 6. It also certified that the university’s UNO-R Campus Site Development Project, which underwent DENR-EMB’s three level technical evaluations and one public hearing, had obtained positive evaluation by complying with all the requirements of the government agency’s Environmental Impact Assessment. The ECC also outlined the university’s commitments to implement the measures and provisions as summarized in the document and the DENR-EMB’s approved Environmental Performance Report and Management Plan (EPRMP) submitted by UNO-R. With the ECC, UNO-R now takes the lead in the pursuit towards campus environmental sustainability in the province, vigorously committing itself to create a positive impact on the environment and the community. The Regional Director was accompanied by Engr. Anne Marie A. Delariarte, OIC-Chief, Clearance and Permitting Division, & Glady Gayle Kitane, Admin Asst of DENR-EMB R6. (news by Ms. Mely Flores)