Project SJA: The Green Initiative, 1st Project Implementation– 1st Earthkeepers’ Forum

Jesus never said it would be easy, but He said it would be worth it! (Matthew 7:13-14)

After months of planning and preparation, the SCAP UNO-R Chapter held its 1st Earthkeepers’ Forum later this morning at the UNO-R President’s Hall. The said event was participated & attended by the delegates coming from the different public and private High Schools and representatives from different Barangay around Bacolod City. It kick-started with the environmental walk around the UNO-R campus and after which, it was presided by a talk about the importance of trees in our biodiversity by Mrs. Mely Flores, Research Staff. The participants also attended the Eucharistic celebration at the Oratory of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine. It was a day filled with so much love and learning for Mother Earth. The participants were fed with awareness and knowledge about the current environmental issues. They were also given a series of workshops to make sure that they were able to grasp the significance of each plenary. The panelists and resource speakers coming from the different sectors left an impact on the hearts and minds of the participants. Even after the event, it feels surreal that the plan that was just written in scratch papers was put into reality—a reality that awakens the warrior in each and every one of us. This event was made possible in collaboration with UCDO, Sowing Legacy Movement, Eco-School project, EMB, DENR-NIR, CMO, and Department of Education, City of Bacolod. The 1st Earthkeepers’ Forum was successful through the efforts of the SCAns of SHS unit, JHS unit, and the college unit. Indeed, a history and a legacy were made. See you again soon Eco-warriors of Bacolod! (Elmeer Meenard Calimpos, BSMC 3)