The College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE) sponsored a Seminar on Suicide and Social Support with the theme, “Valuing Lives, Valuing People.”, March 11, 2017, 8 am at the Fr. Cuenca Hall. The program opened with the invocation of Fray Elpedio Sarita, OAR and singing of the National Anthem. Dean Jasmin Parreňo, RC, Ph.D. gave the Opening Remarks while Rationale of the program was delivered by DR. Jean Pauyon. Ms. Eunice Muzones introduced the speaker, Dr. Lisa Anna M. Gayoles, Registered Guidance Counselor and Registered Psychologist. After the open forum, Ms. Chris Fely Joy Tajonera, RGC gave a talk on “Social Support”. The Closing remarks were delivered by Mr. Miguel Romualdo Lim.

Meanwhile, the college, in coordination with the Philippine National Police Anti-kidnapping Group (AKG), Visayas Field Unit sponsored a seminar on anti-kidnapping, March 17, 2017, at the university Crime Laboratory, 9 am -12 noon. P03 Clint S. Ferrer, Jr., PNP Investigator and Family Negotiator AKG-Bacolod Satellite Office and SP04 Rommel M. Arnido, Team Leader, AKG Satellite Office. PCI Homer Vargas, (rst.), RC, MPAG awarded the certificates on behalf of the Dean. Opening remarks was given by CCJE Governor Gabriel Lorenzo Ramirez while the closing remarks were delivered by John Oliver Balandra, Battalion Commander, CIU.