Mr. Antonio Gargarita; Ms. Carina Barayoga; Mrs. Judy Mendoza, Mrs. Thelma Calderon; and Mrs. Ma. Judy B. Legaspi were elected to comprise the 9-member Board of Directors of the UNO-R Faculty Employees Mutual Aid Association, MPC (UNO-R FEMAA, MPC), January 14, 2017. They will sit for two years. The other members of the Board are Atty. Erwin Cabarles; Mr. Fernando Flores; Mr. Carlos Eduardo Legaspi, Jr., and Mr. William Montaňo, whose term ends January 2018.

Election of FEMAA Officers were done January 20 at the FEMAA office. Gargarita was elected unanimously as President while Atty. Cabarles is the Vice President. Ms. Imelda Matullano is the Secretary while Ms. Rodelyn Talapiero is the Treasurer. Induction of the Board of Directors and officers will be on January 27.