Student Leaders in Action

Student leaders gathering marked the springboard of student activities to be conducted for the second semester and were held last November 11 -12 at the High School Academic Cultural Center. The said gathering was attended by the presidents of the different organizations, governors of the college councils, and the President, V-President, and Finance Secretary of the Supreme Student Government. Student leaders from the Basic Education joined the gathering on the topic on CLAYGO advocacy in the afternoon of the first day. The Director of Student Affairs presented the different guidelines on the conduct of the activities and answered the frequently asked questions of the organizations. He also mandated student government for the General Appropriation of the budget as the basis for the different activities for the second semester. As a concrete way of education by service to promote CLAYGO at the canteen, the Director of Student Affairs recommended, in which all organizations agreed, that each organization shall be assigned to help canteen personnel in cleaning up tables at the canteen during lunch time. “Such an act of kindness is primarily to educate each member of the organization to practice CLAYGO by first helping cleanliness at the canteen, and hopefully to educate others, too,” Mr. Dioso said, Director of Student Affairs. (news from DSA)