The Game 3 of the FEMAA, MPC was played last October 28 at Lopue’s East Bowling Lanes. Pink is leading with 3120 pinfalls; Gray follows with 3098, Yellow with 3093; Red with 3080; Green with 3049; White with 2966; Blue with 2926 and Orange with 2878. As of Game 3, Highest pinning is Joey Jolito, Jeho Vidal and Rogelio Montinola- 89 pinfalls; Jeannie Bayona -87 pinfalls; Highest single – June Madamba and Lilibeth Hablo; Highest double – Madamba and Hablo while the top five male are Madamba, Montinola, Allan Diloy, Florian Adolfo; and Mars Olea; for the female: Hablo, Barbara Cordova, Eloisa Decena, Judy Mendoza and Krizza Vanessa Acibron. (data from BOD Montano)