The 1st DSTC Robotics Challenge-Visayas was held last September 30, 2016, at the University of Cebu-Banilad Campus. The Robotics Challenge commenced with the intensive robotics workshop from September 28-29 at the UC-Banilad Campus. There were 50 students that qualified to gain entry into the contest from the workshop and open registration. The DSTC Robotics Challenge is an event designed to provide a level playing field for all robotics students. By requiring the participants to use the same robot standard kit (Sumo Inex Standard Category) or Inex Microcontroller Board (Sumo Open), it tests the Robotics Programming Skills of the Participants and their ability to modify their robot anatomy in the same platform. This is the first robotics game hosted by the Data Science and Technology Corporation in 4 different locations. Aside from the DSTC Robotics Challenge-Visayas, there will be a DSTC Robotics Challenge-Luzon, DSTC Robotics Challenge-Mindanao, and DSTC Robotics Challenge-NCR. All the mentioned contests’ champions will be awarded the contest fee waiver to the National Sumobot Competition or National Robotics Competition. Isaiah Villanueva and Rodan Valenzuela emerged as gold medalists in the 1kg INEX Sumo Standard while Joellan Arlos and Joshua Carlo got the silver medals in 1kg INEX Sumo Standard. Edward Berlin and Millennie Casue got the gold while Ervin Mesa and Ej Mari De Paula got the bronze in 500g INEX Sumo Standard. Berlin and Casue also got the gold and Mesa and De Paula grabbed the silver medals in Open Sumo. Recipients of the Achievement Award were: Isaiah Villanueva;Rodan Valenzuela; Joellan Arlos; Joshua Carlo; Abigail D. Pasilan; Kiara Nathe V. Santisas; Edward Berlin; Millennie Casue; Thea Angelee Estogue; Sasing Lahaina; Ervin Mesa; Ej Mari De Paula; Edward Berlin; Millennie Casue; Sasing Lahaina; Edrian Pentado; Rey Anthony Malacaste; Robert Maceda; Ireen Garcia; and Michael Ralph A. Estrada. (Mrs. Alon Song)