October 14, 2016 – The UNO-R Faculty Employees Mutual Aid Association, MPC (FEMAA, MPC) opened the season 5 of the Bowling Tournament at Lopue’s- East Bowling Lanes Center. Eight teams vie for the championship. The Opening formalities had Rev. Fr. Persiuz Decena, OAR leading everyone in a thanksgiving prayer. Coop President Antonio Gargarita gave the opening remarks and thanked BOD William Montano and BOD Judy Mendoza for his efforts in making the tournament a reality. The emcees were BOD Judy Legaspi and FEMAA Secretary Imelda Matullano. The results of the first game showed that the White team leads the pack with 1,033 pinfalls. Green and Yellow teams vie for the second place while Pink is in the fourth. Gray and Orange tied for the 5th and Red and Blue are on the 7th and 8th place respectively. There are two Highest pinning : Romero Daruca and Hope Donasco (male) and Jeannie Bayona ( female); Highest single – June Madamba (male); and Lilibeth Hablo (female); highest double-Madamba and Hablo; Top five players for game 1 are: (male) Madamba; Dominador Villanueva; Gerardo Fandida; Jeho Vidal and Ernil Orbecido; (female) Hablo; Judy Mendoza; Eliosa Decena; Jeannie Bayona; and Dana Tulod.

October 21, 2016 – Game 2 team ranking – total pinfalls (game 1 and game 2): Pink (2078), Green (2067), White(2034), Yellow(2021), Gray(2018), Red(1991), Blue(1934) and Orange(1907). Highest Pinning: Rogelio Montinola(Blue) and Jeannie Bayona (Green); Highest Single: Madamba (red) and Hablo (white); Highest double: Madamba and Hablo; Top five players (male)- Madamba, Raymundo Montinola, Villanueva, Bobby Sitchon and Joey Jolito; (female) – Hablo, Mendoza, Decena, Cordova and Bayona. (data from FEMAA, MPC BOD William Montano)