Septenary Masses, in honor of St. Nicholas of Tolentino, Patron Saint of UNO-R, were celebrated from September 3 – 9 and culminated on his feast day, Sept. 10 with a Concelebrated Mass officiated by Most Rev. Patricio Buzon, SDB, DD, Bishop of Bacolod.

The University week 2016 opened with the theme: “Edukasyon nga Rekoleto; Taguipusu-on nga Agustino”, September 5, 2016. Drum and Bugle competition opened the door of the university week where Luisa Medel National High school was named Champion. In the afternoon, the formal opening was held with a motorcade around the city and the Opening ceremony at the amphitheater. Fr. President declared the U-week open. The different academic units presented mass dances to usher the success of the week-long activities. The day closed with the UCDO Awareness program at the university auditorium.

September 6 was opened with an early morning fun-run and Zumba dance at the amphitheater. The Grade school litmus competition commenced in the morning simultaneous with the opening of the exhibits of the Junior and Senior High School. Atty. John Orola graced the affair of the UCDO during the Legacy Forum. The morning capped with the end of the essay-writing competition which was bested by Junior High School Department. In the afternoon, Club festival in the High school Park; workshops; One-act-play; Pasundayag and talent Rekoleto were the highlights. The Ultimate campus Exhibit version 4.0 was also opened at the St. Joseph’s Hall.

September 7 was opened by the activity at the lobby – the poster making contest which was bagged by the Senior High School. The employees were treated to a seminar on Hypertension and Diabetes at 9 am. Lure Party for Pokemon Go; sports events; club festival; seminars in engineering; iPoet; President’s Cup tennis tournament were activities in the afternoon. The day capped with the Coronation night of the Mr. and Ms. UNO-R.

September 8 was the birthday of the Blessed Mother and the day opened with the Junior High Literary Musical competition; Quiz Bowl and Brain Challenge; Research seminar; Resolympics; seminars in engineering; Pak Ganern Challenge of UNORSSGO; and sports events concluded the morning activities. In the afternoon, Senior High School Litmus competition; Mind Olympics; sports events; sports events; and a program-for-a-cause “Happy Birthday Mama Mary” by the Children of Mary. During the Brain Challenge, the Colleg of Information Technology Tea bested all other teams. The day also saw the match between the Bacolod Clergy and the UNO-r basketball time in “Basketbol para kay Maria”, where the “Padres” won with a score of 93 -82. Team Padres is composed of Fr. Gabinete, Cuenca, Poniado, Atillaga, Palagtiosa, Donasco, Segurola, Parreňo, Tan, Tad-y, Egay, Alviola and Exaltado while team Faculty is composed of Taclobos, Tabora, Ortiz, Martir, Tolentino, Olea, Adricula, Aldava, Velayo, Rosales #13, Rosales #15, de la Cruz, Urbanozo and Sumbillo.

September 9’s activities were Rube Goldberg’s and Bridge building competitions at the lobby; Litmus-tertiary; UNOFELA bingo socials; seminars in engineering; Bloodletting; sports events; a fashion show and the SHS Night.

September 10, the Feast of St. Nicholas of Tolentino, opened with a procession and the Concelebrated Mass. The activities of the day were: Fiestarama 2016 for the employees was held at the gym. The U-week was declared closed by the Fr. President during the 3 PM closing ceremonies at the amphitheater. This was followed by a Neon Party of the students at the 1606 Plaza and the Employees’ Night and Service Awards at the Main Lobby. The whole week capped with the fireworks display at the oval courtesy of the UNO-R Administration, Mr. Lopue, Jr., and Mayor Evelio Leonardia.