A group of young people from Japan visited the university and presented a short cultural exchange show at the President’s Hall, July 26,2016. They are children of the members of GREEN Coop, Japan and are here in Negros for the Negros Greencoop Youth camp and workshop 2016. They are mentored by Larry Guillema and Ms. Seiko together with the youth of La Granja parish. The 9 children are: Watanabe Daisuke; Kamezaki Haruna; Higashi Kosuke; Takei-iara Yusei; Kai Fuchino; Shimohida Momone; Mango Runa; Yonemori Misaki; and Hidaka Hiroki. Green Coop is a Japanese cooperative that receive the exported banana chips in Japan for the international market. The coop also supports scholars in Negros. The Negros youth group are: Client Warren Nebril; Jay Jumamoy; Ryan Francisco; Luna Bibeth Beriales; Danilo Apostol; Carla Barcoma; Jaymark Navarte; Bernie Grayca Castaneda; Jelica Rio and Regine Ogatis. The Negros Workshop is already in its 16th year.