The Recoletos Educational Assistance for Deserving Student (READS) together with the OAR and Heart Anonymous scholars of the University once again conducted General Assembly last June 18, 2016 at the University Auditorium. It is a gathering of the scholars especially to the new READS to be given a chance to meet their sister scholars which are the OAR and Heart Anonymous. This event was organized by the Scholarship Office and staff Ms. Catherine S. Sebastian and Ms. Sarah Jane G. Gayat. The Director of Scholarships, Fr. Pedro A. Escanillas, OAR, gave his welcome remarks. “Working scholars are the front liner of the school. You are the one who represents the office and face the clients as well. In the work field, Recoletos scholars always got the edge to be qualified among others. It’s easy for you to find work in the future, because you are trained to be ready in the workplace.” Fr. Escanillas, cited. The program followed by introduction of the aforementioned scholars. Fr. Louie F. Gabinete, OAR, VP-Student Welfare gave a special message. He reminded again the scholars to be simple and humble. On the other hand,the Secretary of the President’s Office, Ms. Ma. Judy B. Legaspi presented and explained the Standard Office Procedures. She taught us one of the most important things which is the Office Decorum, it is an office manners to show courtesy and respect to our supervisor and office head including the employees. She also discussed the Telephone Etiquette, on how to be respectful to the person you’re talking with and of course to communicate clearly. The highlight of her presentation was the Profile of a Recoletos worker in which R stands for Resilient, to be flexible and strong. E is for Empathetic, a kind hearted, considerate and compassionate when it comes to work. C for Committed, you must be dedicated and devoted. O is for Organized things in orderly and systematic way. L stands for Loyal, a reliable and constant worker. E is for Effective and Efficient. T is for a worker who is a trustworthy and honest. O for Optimistic, a worker who has a positive outlook in life. Lastly, S is a Service Oriented, a client friendly worker. Recollect scholars are known for that. For us scholars, we will always bring the honor and privilege that University had given to us. (Ms. Dayanara Macasaquit, BS Accounting Tech)