The University President set the priorities of the university for the school year 2016-2017 during the institutional planning facilitated by the office of the Planning and Quality Assurance Office. The main priority is to LEVEL-UP. He then gave the specific institutional priorities based on the letters of LEVEL-UP – Long lasting programs for human resource development; Efficient and effective academic programs; Valuable evangelization programs; Economical facilities development; Long term solutions to recurring social problem; Unique programs for the protection of the environment and Mother Earth; and Productive linkages and partnerships. The Father President also gave the method on how to do the “LEVEL-UP”. He said that it is very easy, like learning the ABC. So, he gave the group the ABCD strategy, which is A for Accreditation. B for Basic Services, C or Cash to sustain all our activities, and D for Development. In conclusion, the Fr. President reminded everyone that “LEVEL UP with ABCD – our institutional priorities with their corresponding strategy – are merely an architect’s perspectives. They will forever stay on the illustration board until some fingers lift them and break the ground for the work to get started” , he concluded.