The UNO-R Faculty Employees Mutual Aid Association, Multi-purpose Cooperative (UNO-R FEMAA, MPC) Executive Board and officers were inducted into office, Feb. 3, at the Molasses Function Hall of Sugarland Hotel by UNO-R Vice President for Finance, Rev. Fr. William C. Villaflor, OAR. Fiscal Year 2016-2017 officers are: Antonio Gargarita (Chairman); Ruby Ravelista (Vice- Chairman); Board of Directors: Atty. Erwin Cabarles, CPA; Thelma Calderon; Fernando Flores; Judy Mendoza; William Montano; Ma. Judy B. Legaspi; and Dr. Carlos Eduardo Legaspi, Jr.; Imelda Matullano (Secretary); Rodalyn Talapiero (Treasurer); and Eva Torres (Accountant). Credit Committee Chair Catherine Sebastian with Jane Gayat and Ana Jover; Election Committee chair Ernil Orbecido with Dr. Angelus Diamante and Lino Sumbillo; Audit Committee Chair Dr. John Clifford Salugsugan with Dr. Dennis Madrigal with Dr. Roy John de la Torre. Education Committee chair Ravelista with Dr. Riza Manalo and Mr. Florian Adolfo. Business and Collection Chair Cabarles with Dr. Rizalie Mibato, Ma. Cecilia Genovate, CPA and Maria Charo Razonable, CPA as members; Membership Committee chair Dr. Legaspi with Freddie Parreno and Fritz Palma; Mutual Aid chair Calderon with Febe Quingco and Pamela Delgado; Welfare chair Montaño with Dr. Ma. Elena Doruelo and Ma. Cristina Tamayao; Ethic Committee chair Flores with Jovito Moral and Mariano Antenor; Stock clearing and outreach chair Mendoza with Josette Juen; Diana Concepcion and Allan Diloy; documentation chair Legaspi with Robert Villaruz and Dr. Reymund Sabay; Conciliation Committee chair Gliceria Gilbuena with Mary Jeanie Bayona and Rommel Adricula; and Building Management Committee chair Ravelista with Flores and Engr. Noli Ortiz. Rev. Fr. Albert Pellazar, OAR, UNO-R VP-Academics was the guest speaker and he spoke on the theme: “UNO-R FEMAA, mpc: A Cooperative with a Heart”. He shared that the Cooperative should be watchful of the evils that affect our heart ad these are: H-Hatred; E- envy; A-Anger, R-resentment and T-timidity. These should be countered with the better side of the heart which are: H-Humility; E- Ernest; A –Affectionate, R- Rejoicing and T- tenderness. Meanwhile, Mr. Gargarita in his inaugural speech gave his 3-point agenda that will drive the cooperative this year. His agenda are: unity; loyalty and mercy. His speech was focused on the oneness of the Board in working for the good of the cooperative and stressed that personal interests and politics have no place in the cooperative. The officers were also entertained by the angelic voice of Dr. Nena Samillano. Atty. Cabarles closed the program with his sharing of the requirements for a successful organization which are: Obedience, Loyalty and diligence. He closed the program with a definition of Kiss as “contraction of the lips as a result of the inflammation of the heart.” Mrs. Catherine Sebastian was the emcee during the program.