Pollution and climate change, issues on water and loss of biodiversity were the topics mentioned during the “Laudato Si” Symposium, January 13, 2016, 4pm at the University Park. “Laudato Si” is derived from the Latin word which means “Praise be to you.” It is also the title of the Pope Francis strong encyclical letter concerning the present state of our common home –the Earth. Dr. Dennis V. Madrigal, head of the Religious Education Department, emphasized on his opening remarks that this symposium aims to deepen our understanding of the appeal of Pope Francis as articulated in his Encyclical Letter on care of our common home. He also added that the objective of this activity is for the students to be informed of the various environmental issues. Rev. Fr. Rocelo Villarosa, in-charge of the Commission on Youth Ministry, was the invited guest speaker of the symposium. He said that the problem of the environment is not just the problem of our political leaders but as well as our own problem since we are the concessioners to the crime, however as part of the problem we can be a solution to it. In addition, Dr. Madrigal pointed out that all of us can be a catalyst of change and can mitigate these rampant issues in our own little way by simply doing practical actions such as Clean As You Go (CLAYGO), conserving water and energy, minimal use of any form of technology and proper disposal of wastes. Eucharistic celebration followed after the symposium.
On the other hand, there will be three upcoming activities this February: Symposium on Human Sexuality on February 19; Zumba: Dance for Health, Dance for Food on February 11; and the Launching of the Jubilee of Mercy on February 24. (Michelle G Pajotal, MassComm Intern)