Ms. Sheila M. Dela Cruz, MSLIS, Director of Libraries, announced yesterday, January 18, 2016 that Cengage Powerpack online data base is already activated and is ready for use. Cengage Powerpack is a resource sharing consortium of the Recoletos tertiary institutions and has up-to-date research and academic journals that offers a lot of comprehensive survey on numerous fields such as Agriculture Collection, Business Economics and Theory Collection, Communications and Mass Media Collection, Computer Database, Criminal Justice Collection, Culinary Arts Collection, Educator’s Reference Complete, Environmental Studies and Policy Collection, Fine Arts and Music Collection, Hospitality, Tourism, and Leisure Collection, Military and Intelligence Database, Nursing and Allied Health Collection, Psychology Collection, Vocations and Careers Collection and Info Trac Custom 100 Titles.

The online data based is comprised of
Gale E-Journal data bases (http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/phunor),
Gale Virtual Reference of Library that is mostly e-books. (http://go.galegroup.com/ps/start.do?p=GVRL&u=phunor),
Kids Info Bits (http://go.galegroup.com/ps/start.do?p=ITKE&u=phunor&authCount=1)
Philippine E-Journals (http://www.ejournals.phl) that are mostly contained of researches from Filipino scholars.
There are also other available subscribed data bases such as:
Pro Quest (http://www.proquest.com),
eLibrary (http://elibrary.bigchalk.com/k6),
Business Expert Press (http://portal.igpublish.com/iglibrary/login/)
My Legal Whiz (http://www.mylegalwhiz.com).
Unorians can also subscribe to the Library Home Page (http://www.uno-r.edu.ph/frayluis/) and click E-Resources icon to view all subscribed databases for easy access. Furthermore, the library personnel are open for all questions and can assist everyone regarding on this matter. (Mrs. Shiela de la Cruz with Michelle G Pajotal, MassComm