The College of Criminal Justice Education held its annual Pinning of Ranks Ceremony at the University Amphitheater last Saturday, January 9, 2016. This is to formally recognize the new set of Criminology Intern officers who will lead this year’s batch. Dr. Jasmine L. Parreño and PSI Homer G. Vargas, Chief Training Officer led the ceremony. PISSUPT Eugene Florentino (BATALLION COMMANDER), PISUPT June Paul Gealon (DEPUTY FOR ADMINISTRATION) and PISUPT Jane Claire Batadhay (DEPUTY FOR OPERATION) are the new set of officers designated in their respective ranks. Moreover, PISUPT Salusada, PISUPT Palacios, PISUPT Diamada, PISUPT Esguiran, PICINSP Martisano, PICINSP Cebuano, PICINSP Dela Cruz, PICINSP Villasan, PICINSP Manao, PICINSP Tindog, PICINSP Diaz, PICINSP Esleyer, PISINSP Tusan, PISINSP Sabid, PISINSP Sifuentes, PISINSP Senining, PISINSP Balandra, PISINSP Lim, PISINSP Martinez, PISINSP Bilbao, PISINSP Geocadin, PISINSP Palagtiosa, PISINSP Pangalinon, PISINSP Ciano, PISINSP Muzones, PISINSP Cadiz are the other officers. (CCJE updates)