Third-year BSED English student and UNO-R Debate Society Founder, Raxel Ann Gonzales, recently joined, as the only Youth Delegate from the Philippines, the World Forum for Democracy 2015 in Strasbourg, France. Gonzales was chosen, together with 74 other outstanding youth leaders from all across the globe, among hundreds and thousands of young hopefuls who went through the stringent application and screening process that was held by the Council of Europe. The team of 75 youth delegates (45 of which are from the European Union and 30 are from the world), after two days of preparation and learning sessions at the European Youth Center in Strasbourg, was then integrated to the more than 2,000 other delegates of the World Forum. This year’s World Forum for Democracy focused on the theme: “Freedom AND/VS Control: for a Democratic Response”. Gonzales’ trip to Europe was fully-funded by the Council of Europe and the European Youth Center.(data from Raxel Ann Gonzales)