8 groups participated in the University-Wide Daigon Competition last December 4, 2015. The University Park was jam-packed with audience who were excited to hear Daigon songs through the angelic voices of the participants. The program started with the usual opening formalities. Dr. Carlos Eduardo I. Legaspi, Jr., the University Director for External Affairs, gave his opening remarks. A catechesis on Daigon was shared by Rev. Msgr. Guillermo Gaston. The mechanics and criteria for judging were read by Mrs. Genie Pedrosa, Chair of the Daigon Competition. Introduction of the board of judges followed. The judges of the competition were Mr. Dirkie Rufin, Rev. Msgr. Guillermo Gaston and Ms. Inocencia Cabarles. The eight groups were: the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences; College of Engineering; High School Department; Grade School Department; College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business and Accountancy; College of Education and the College of Criminal Justice Education. Intermission numbers were rendered by the Kasadyahan Dance Company and Ms. Fritzie Rose Marquez and Mr. Marfe Adolfo. Dr. Dennis Madrigal, Religious Education Department Head gave his Words of gratitude. Then, Ms. Pedrosa announced the Top 5 of Belen-Making, Parol-Making and Daigon Competition. (Lourd John Diaz, BSMC 3)

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