The University Administration called on all Deans, Directors, Heads and Department chairs to an Assessment on Institutional Operation and Accreditation Process at the President’s Hall of the university. The program opened with the message of the Fr. President. In his message, Fr. Celiz stressed on the following points: Review and revisit of the 5-year institutional plan (2009-2014); Preparation for PAASCU accreditation to give quality and upgrade the standard of the university; Improve and develop the over-all reports (PAASCU, ISA, CHED, etc). All these shall be achieved by developing our academic and non-academic programs with innovation and quality being enhanced; All programs shall be made with love and not hurriedly and for compliance only. The Fr. President also reminded everyone that the the source of our university budget is the tuition fees. And the fees are for the enhancement and development of facilities and faculty members. He also requested the participants to do what is realistic as required by CHED, DEPEd and the signs of the times. He also request to be reminded of the mission of the university to evangelize and bring the love of God to our clientele. The results of this assessment and evaluation shall be discussed in the School Board and will be used as guide to the next 5- year plan (2014-2019) and our preparation to the PAASCU visit. Presentation of the Evaluation results of the 5-year development plan (2009-2015) was done by Mrs. Ma. Judy Legaspi while the presentation of Plenary Results on Accreditation Re-survey Readiness was done by Dr. Elmer Haro. Rev. Fr. Albert A. Pellazar, OAR, University Vice-President for academics, gave the closing remarks and the closing prayer.