More than 500 runners attended this year’s fun run ,September 7, 2015. Top finishers were awarded in the different categories. Jonie Mayongue led the male finishers followed by Johnny Mayongue while Jason De los Santos captured the third place. Further frontrunners were: Esel Joshua Ramirez, MicheaI Impacta, Harjie Bagioro , Rudedennis Palomo , Argiemar Dela Cruz , Rodnie Emperado and Archie Nemenzo. Decemae Tindog ruled the female finishers . She was trailed by Shalom Lava and Leoniza Belleza. Other winners were: Carla Jean Ganon , Sunshine Escaro , Glebb Joyce De Guzman , Chera Mae Barradas , Irene Mae Tipon , Dr. Helen Grace Recuelo, and Kaye Regine Franco. Mr. Mars Olea got the Top Male finisher while Mrs. Mely Flores bagged the Top Female finisher for Lay Administrators. The Top Male Employee runner is Mr. Jojie Mondia while the Top Female Employee is Dr. Helen Grace Recueta. Sunshine Escaro gained the Top Female runner on the Elementary category. The Run Recoletos was attended by the Religious and Lay Administrators, alumni, faculty members, employees , and students of the university. (Angel Javellana, BSMC 3)

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