“Happy Birthday Mama Mary”, Children of Mary Immaculate (COM) celebrates its annual U-WEEK activity with the Nativity of Mary, Mother of Christ, last September 08, 2015, 12 noon, University Auditorium. Extending charitable act, consecration of faith by its members and as well as having fun.
A whole day activity organized by COM members, the celebration started with a mass venerating Mama Mary on her birthday. The Main Celebrant was Rev. Fr. Eduardo Celiz, Jr., OAR. After the mass, 21 kids from Brgy. 4o were brought to UNO-R for a children’s party in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The whole program started with a prayer followed by parlor games, a short catechesis and lunch. After lunch another set of games were played and a short film about the greatest gift man could have – Jesus. A Gift giving activity followed. Another activity was “The Amazing Race. Registration started at 2:30 at the Auditorium and the game started at 3 pm. The games were played at the university grounds. Evening activity started with a Living Rosary at the field and was participated by members and guests. And last activity was the celebration of Mary’s birthday with undergraduates and alumni. (Gelaika Floriane E. Garina, BSMC 3)