The College of Criminal Justice Education celebrated its 50th founding anniversary, August 29, 2015, Main Lobby, together with the Alumni in attendance with the theme: “CONTINUING THE LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE.” THE “Soft Launch” as it was called, is the initial celebration organized by the college to welcome the graduates of class 1965-2015 back into the university. Eucharistic celebration was offered and ministered by Rev. Fr. Eduardo Celiz Jr., OAR, at the Oratory and it was followed by a motorcade participated by the alumnus and the criminology students. Prof. Teresita Hofileña Bato, a pioneer graduate of class 1969 was invited to be the guest speaker. A grand celebration will follow in September 8, 2015 to honor the outstanding graduates of the college. Hon. Judge Manuel Cardinal of Branch 49of the Regional Trial Court, also a pioneer graduate will be the guest speaker at the grand celebration.