Mr. Vince Adolfo (CMO) , Ms.Greta Quirao (Grade School Dept.) and Mrs .Judy Mendoza ( Registrar’s Office) won the grand prize of P6,000 on the Block-out Round during the Bingo Socials, sponsored by UNOFELA and held at the university Auditorium, September 12. Ma. Inez Perez won on the first game. Ms. Lyn Torreblanca of Accounting Office got the second game. Therese Mae Arcedes , representative of the School of Law claimed the prize on the third game. Lucky player Ernesto Divinagracia of IMAGS got the fourth game. Mrs. Angelus Diamante of CBA won the following game. Joint winners Dean Jelyn Gaspillo and Jennilyn Martir (Grade School Dept) won the special game. Ms .Virgie Tek-ing (CBA) also won as solo winner on the succeeding game . Lyn Torreblanca won again on the First-4 Game. On the First-5 game, Mr. Ferdinand Concepcion, Ms. Cathy Sebastian , Denise Navarro (DSA), Mrs. Arlene M. Corcino (CNAHS) and Mrs. Gladys Estrellanes were the winners. On the First-6 game, Mr.Flores won as solo winner. Mr.Adonis Rosales’ card won the last minor prize. On the major prizes, the solo winner of P3000 was Mrs.Rodelyn Talapiero of Registar’s Office. Joint winners Mrs.Gladys Estrellanes and Mrs. Chona Mascunana on P4000-prize game ( Gelaika Garina BSMC III )