The HRMDO organized the “Bayle ala Zumba 2015” , September 10,university gymnasium. The parade started at the university 1606 park where employees were grouped into 5 teams, which are: Green Team (leader – Ms. Zonavieve Catalan); Red Team (Mrs. Leila Magalona); Yellow Team (Mrs. Imelda Matullano); Blue Team ( Mrs. Judy Mendoza); and Orange Team ( Mrs. Elizabeth Villaruz). Each teams received awards. Blue team was named as Most Energetic; Orange team – Most Enthusiastic; Yellow Team – Most Participative and best in Showmanship; Green Team – Most disciplined; and Red team – Most Synchronized group. Meanwhile, Family Day Bowling tournament winners were also awarded. The champion team is Orange and followed by Yellow, Green, Blue and Red. Special awardees are: Allan Diloy and Ernel Orbecido – Highest pinning (male); Mrs. Ma. Judy Legaspi- highest pinning (female); Engr. Jun Madamba – Highest single score (male) and Mrs. Barbra Cordova – Highest single score (female).

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