The Blue and Gold Alumni Association , Inc.; the UNO-R Alumni Association Foundation, Inc. in cooperation with the Religious Education Department and the Campus Ministry, and in cooperation with the Supreme Student Government and the College Councils will produce the 3rd Santacruzan on May 25, 2015. The activity shall start with the procession at 4 pm. Eucharistic celebration at the Oratory shall cap the procession. The Mass will be followed by the crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Pictorials shall be held at the Main lobby.

Santacruzan is in recognition of the enlivening of faith during the early years of evangelization in the Philippines, particularly in the island of Negros. The early missionaries and Friars used the procession of images and the faithful to remind the people of the virtues and the values of the people in the Bible and the holy women of the Faith. This was also used to culminate the Flores de Mayo and the catechism program of the parish today.