16 Graduates Receive Loyalty Awards

Sixteen graduates will receive the UNO-Recoletos Loyalty Awards.  This is given to a graduate who had finished his elementary , secondary and tertiary education from the university with our having enrolled in other schools on the duration of his academic formation.  The awardees are:   Abanales, Haleah Pearl O.- BS Pharmacy;   Alvero, Daryl May L. – BS Medical Technology;  Amechazurra, Mayji D.- BS Accounting Technology;   Arroyo, Adriane Joy P. – BS Accounting Technology;  Deoma, Paul Justin B.- BS Medical Technology;  Divinagracia, Ma. Erin Gail R.-BS Computer Science;  Figueroa, Arianne Angeli S. – BS Pharmacy;  Flores, Elvin Marc D.- BS Medical Technology;  Larida, Ma. Kathrina G.- BS Pharmacy;  Laza, Kirstin Ann C. – BS Medical Technology;  Lopez, Jona Mae B.  – BS Accounting Technology;   Miranda, Anna Teresa M. – BS Business Administration;  Montepio, Kershee Emelou R. – BS Accounting Technology;  Quillo, Jestine Irish M. – BS Pharmacy;  Reyes, Argie J. – BS Computer Science;  and Segovia, Keith Randal Y. – BS Computer Engineering.