UNORians Attend Acuno Obe Seminar

UNORIANS joined the other member schools of ACUNO in the seminar –workshop on Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) held at the university President’s Hall, January 22, 2015. The speaker was Dr. Purita Bilbao, Technical Consultant of CHED. The UNO-R group was led by Dean Annabee Magbanua; Dean Jelyn Gaspillo; and Dean Nena Samillano. The other participants are Alfredo Alve; Dr. Vilma Azucena; Ladie Ballesteros; Ma. Joselina Basa; Ma. Theresa Chavez; Dr. Ma. Elena Doruelo; Mr. Remus Magbanua; Dr. Angelus Diamante, Dr. Clarita Lacson; Mr. Celo Magallanes; Dr. Julio Jude Rosales; Dr. Chona Mascunana; and Mr. Carlo Ceasar Coloso.