UNO-R Launches OAR Graduate Attributes

UNO-R will hold the launching of the OAR Graduate Attributes tomorrow, December 3, 2014. The activity will start with a Concelebrated Mass at 8 am at the university gym with Recoletos Educational Apostolate in the Philippines (REAP) President Rev. Fr. Julius Marcos, OAR as Presider and Homilist. This is to be followed by a talk on Catholic faith and on the OAR Graduate Attributes, where Fr. Marcos will give the rationale of the OAR Graduate Attributes. The Recoletos characters which are: Contemplative; Communitarian and Apostolic will be the centerpiece of the talk. Speakers are: Rev. Fr. Emeterio Buñao, OAR for Catholic Faith and REv. Fr. Jose Ernil Almayo, OAR for the OAR Graduate Attributes. Talks shall be followed by the signing of the “Tatak Rekoleto” Pledge.

In the afternoon, UNO-R will also launch the Christmas season 2014 at UNO-R with a theme “Star with a Heart”. The program will start at 5:00 pm. The University President will give his Christmas message to UNORians and will be followed by the Lighting of the Belen, Christmas Tree and lanterns and as a tribute to the late Rev. Fr. Cornelio Moral, OAR a “star with a Heart lantern” shall also be lighted. This activity is organized by Fr. Moral.