UNO-R Hosts REAP VP-Student Welfare’s Meeting

REAP President Rev. Fr, Julius Marcos, OAR covened all the VP – Student Welfare, DSA and lay Scholarships officer of all Recoletos Schools in the Philippines for the content evaluation sessions of the Manual for Vice President for Student Welfare at UNO-R, July 24-25, 2014 at the newly –renovated conference room at the Recoletos de Bacolod Convent. Present were: Fr. Marcos; Fr. Louie Gabinete, OAR; Fr. Pedro Escanillas, OAR; Dr. Carlos Legaspi, Jr. and Ms. Cathy Sebastian (UNO-R); Fr. Glynn Ortega, OAR; Atty. Jesus Velez; and Ms. Anita Salvo (USJ-R); Fr. Jose Ernil Almayo, OAR and Ms. Rosario Mamon; (CSNT-R); Fr. Paulino Dacanay, OAR (CSTV-R); Fr. Joel Alve, OAR and Atty. Ernesto Salao (SSC-R, Manila); Fr. Charlito Orobia, OAR (SSC-R, Cavite); Fr. Rellyric delos Santos, OAR (San Pedro Academy);DSC_0448 DSC_0382