College Days with a Bang!

2014 is the year for the College of Criminal Justice Education since not only for us celebrating the great number of enrollees for this school year but once again it will hold its festive Criminology Days. The annual celebration started with a program for an official opening of exhibits followed by the cutting of ribbon by the College Dean Dr. Parreño, faculty members and the JESC Governor. Rev. Fr. Jorge D. Peligro, OAR gave an inspirational message. The exhibit showcases the diversity and creativity of the students under the different areas ranging from criminalistics to criminal justice subjects. Volumes of books for students and viewers are also prepared for references and information purposes. The exhibit will last until Saturday, July 26, 2014 and the rest of the activities will fall on July 30 and August 1, 2014 for Martial Arts and Lit-Mus Competition respectively. The highlights will be the Search for Mr. and Mrs. Criminology where four pairs from all year levels who will vie to covet title. The awarding ceremony will be on Saturday, August 2, 2014 at the University Auditorium. (CCJE PR)