Atty. Lacson: “12 Little Things”

The University gymnasium was jam-packed as students from the High School Department and different colleges of the university attended a lecture, 2:00pm, Tuesday (June 10). Atty. Alexander Lacson lectured about his “Twelve Little Things” which could inspire one to dream big and eventually succeed in life. By showing a couple of inspiring videos, he amazed everyone (students, faculty and administrators) how big things can be attained by small acts. There he made further elaborations of what he called “Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things” by citing some- once ordinary people, once rebuked and mortified, paved their way to the golden road of their respective successes. These people included Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, and so many more which encouraged students to strive harder for their own story of success later on. The event was not only well- participated but ear-lent as everyone made nods-and-claps after Atty. Lacson’s talk. Before he ended, this is the one very thing he left in the minds of the audience: “Your fear must not be bigger than you Dreams” for according to him, how you want to see yourself is how you can become. The activity was spearheaded by Rev. Fr. Jorge Peligro, OAR and the college Deans. (Kristel Ann Diaz, BSMC)