VPs to Draft Student Services Manual

Vice Presidents for Student Welfare of different OAR schools had a gathering together with the Directors of Student Affairs and Lay Scholarship officers at the Talavera House of Prayer in Cebu, June 5 – 8, 2014. The objective of the gathering is to draft a Manual of Student Services and for the Recoletos Educational Assistance for Deserving Students (READS) for OAR Schools in the Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno. REAP President , Rev. Fr. Julius Marcos, OAR opened the activity after the Eucharistic celebration at USJ-R, June 6, 2014. He presented the Universal OAR vision of educational apostolate aligned this with the vision of the Educational apostolate in the Philippines. The afternoon of June 6 was the formulation of the framework for Student services and the unification of the READS manuals of USJ-R, SSC-R and UNO-R. The second day was the deliberation, outlining and critiquing of the OAR Manuals. Fr. Louie Gabinete, OAR with Fr. Charlito Orobia, OAR (SSC-R, Cavite) led the group for Student Services while Fr. Glynn Ortega, OAR (USJ-R) and Fr. Joel Alve, OAR (SSC_R, Manila) led the group for READS scholarships. Other religious present were: Rev. Fr. Sixto Bitangjol,OAR (SPA & SPA-R); Rev. Fr. Jose Ernil Almayo, OAR (CNST-R); and Rev. Fr. Paulino Dacanay, OAR (STV-R). UNO-R was represented by Mrs. Cathy Sebastian and Dr. Carlos Legaspi, Jr.