An exciting basketball game between the Rekoleto Basketball team and the Diocesan Clergy had been witnessed by many that came to the UNO-R gym, September 13. For the 1st quarter, the Diocesan team had a 2- point lead, scoring 19 -21. The Recollects got back and grabbed the lead by 3 points in the second quarter. The intense battle of strong defensive efforts making hustle plays converting to turnovers had been visible for both teams as they tried to get the lead for the third quarter. The height of the match in the last quarter was in the air as crowd’s deafening chants and cheers for the Recollects resounded all over the place. The Recollects are down by two but had the ball possession in the last 2-seconds of the game. All are tensed of the outcome of the match. Fr. Peligro’s 3-point shot could have spelled victory and left the Diocesan clergy losing. So, the match was won by the Diocesan clergy with a final score of 80-82. Everyone was entertained by the “holy” match between the Rekoleto Administors and the Diocesan clergy.

(Junry Malagsic)