VP-RA Fr. Moral: UNO-R is the coolest place to go to!

OAR priests from other Recoletos schools would want to go to UNO-R because “it is the coolest place to go to.”

VP-Religious Affairs Cornelio Moral, OAR, who celebrated the Tree Museum Day Thanksgiving Mass yesterday, May 23, said in his homily that his brother OAR priests liked the cool atmosphere in UNO-R. At that time, the vice-presidents for student welfare from other Recoletos schools had a meeting at the university.

With the Live Museum of Philippine Heritage Trees inside its campus, UNO-R easily becomes a relaxing and energizing place to go. The growing premium tree species, which are also indigenous, rare and vanishing, have superior mechanical density that make them highly efficient in absorbing CO2 and other air pollutants.

The tree museum is the actualization of UNO-R + EDC Urban Greening Grow-A-Heritage Tree in-campus reforestation project, which aside from rescuing the high value and endangered endemic trees species and restoring Philippine biodiversity, aims to improve the green cover of towns and cities like Bacolod where pollution and warming temperature are a problem.

The heritage trees are taken care of by their Bantay Kahoy, the silent heroes coming from the UNO-R students, faculty and personnel who committed themselves to care for the trees, up to three years, when they can grow by themselves with less human intervention.#UCDO