Mr. and Ms. UNO-R crowned

The New Mr. & Ms. UNO-R 2012

2nd runners-up: Emmanuel Bernales,Joy Zamora; Mr. and Ms. UNO-R: Andee Veloso, Korina Marie Gialogo; 1st runners-up: Ed Marie Vieron, Nichole Malata (L to R)

Andee Veloso of the College of Engineering and Korina Marie Gialogo of the College of Arts and Sciences were crowned as Mr. and Ms. UNO-R.

Nichol Malata of the College of Criminal Justice Education and Ed Marie Veiron of the College of Nursing were first runners-up and Emmanuel Bernales of the High School Department and Joy Zamora of the College of Education were Second runners-up.

The other candidates were Noel Benedict Fariolan and Iza Mae Cantiller of CIT; Paul Raymond Inocencio and Sarah Monica Esguerra, CBA; Junry Malagsic, CAS; Kristelle Lacang, COE; Rosito Piamonte, Jr., CoEd; Rutchel Benaventura, CJE; Iñaki Luis Gabriel Amazarray, CON; and Roanne Grace Ebon, High School Dept.

Last year’s Mr. and Ms. UNO-R were Bjorn Banogon and Ma. Inez Benedicto from the College of Arts and Sciences.

By: Ianthe Gavituya