Celebrate, St. Ezekiel Moreno

Thousands of UNO-Rians joined the Walk for Healing in honor of the Patron Saint of the Recollect Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno and Patron Saint of cancer patients. With the intention of praying for the healing of cancer survivors, thousands of UNO-Rians assembled at the provincial lagoon and started the walk for healing at 6 in the morning of August 19.

Participting students for the “Walk for Healing.”

The walk ended at the University Gym, where a Healing Mass was celebrated with Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Hernando; Fr. Dionisio Cachero, OAR; Fr. Walthrode Conde, OAR; Fr. Joel Alve, OAR; and Fr. Excel Saycon,OAR. Fr. Hernando was the Main Celebrant and the homilist.

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Rev. Fr. Fernando Hernando

In the homily, the faithful were invited to thank the cancer patients for their suffering with and for the Church. They share the sufferings of Christ for us. He thanked the sick for suffering for us and for the Chruch.

He scored on people, who capitalized on their selfishness. He said, that the country is not overpopulated with people of goodwill but the country is overpopulated with selfish people. He also challenged the Aquino administration on their statement on the country’s economic development. He asks, who benefits from these economic developments? The present problem we have today is that we have guided missiles but misguided men. Man failed to have God and charity as the bases of existence.

He challenged everyone in education to plant the seeds of charity in every heart and every soul. This is why Recoletos Education is “Caritas et Scientia”. Charity comes first for what shall one do with knowledge without love.

Fr. Hernando also reminded everyone to stay away from materialism and from the evils of today’s society. He told everyone to focus on Christ and not on material things. Christ is calling everyone to follow him unconditionally. He called on everyone to put themselves in hope. There is hope in the future and a hope to have better lives.

Healing of the faithful followed after the final blessing. Thousands availed of the grace of healing administered by Fr. Hernando.

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Healing of the Cancer Patients