Mr. and Ms. UNO-R undergoes a makeover

THERE IS A BIG CHANGE in Mr. and Ms. UNO-R 2009!

Aside from beauty and brains, “our Mr. and Ms. UNO-R must attain a holistic development during the whole year of competition by going through personality makeover activities,” said Ms. Jocilyn Gallos, adviser of UNO-R Supreme Student Government Organization (UNO-RSSGO), during the contest orientation. 

Such activities, Gallos added, should include doing community outreach and attending seminars and trainings on self-defense, work-outs and make-up application.”

While the judging of Mr. and Ms. UNO-R contest will be done in the UNO-R Sportsfest next semester, there will be a presentation of candidates during the Recolletos Star Quest on Sept. 8, 7 pm, at the UNO-R Gym.

The contest is open to UNO-R second to fourth year high school students and college students whose grades are not less than 82 percent – a new criteria set for judging.

UNO-RSSGO sponsors Mr. and Ms, UNO-R 2009.


By: Beverly E. Chua