PAASCU Preparations Begin at UNO-R

In anticipation of the PAASCU accreditation within the school year, the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos held a series of preparatory activities from July 22 to 23, 2009.

In the afternoon of July 22, a PAASCU Orientation Session was held at the President’s Hall where the Resource Speaker was PAASCU Commissioner, Prof. Leonida Africa.  Prof. Africa, in her talk, revisited the basic concepts of accreditation and emphasized that the accreditation process is the responsibility of every member of the community.  Thus, she stressed that everyone should actively participate in the process.  The orientation session started with an Opening Prayer given by the Vice President for Student Welfare, Fr. Dexter Palagtiosa, OAR, and a Welcome Remarks from the Vice President for Academics, Fr. Joel Alve, OAR.  University President, Fr. Dionisio Cachero, OAR, introduced Prof. Africa, whom he has joined in several accreditation endeavors to prestigious schools all over the country.  Vice President for Religious Affairs, Fr. Cornelio Moral, OAR, formally closed the session with some tidbits of inspiration.

Meanwhile, an Orientation Session on Institutional Planning followed in the morning of July 23 at the President’s Hall.  Invited Resource Speaker was Dr. Rodrigo Ponce, Jr., the Accreditation, Planning, and Development Officer of San Sebastian College-Recoletos in Manila.  Dr. Ponce, who is also a PAASCU accreditor, talked about the importance of planning for every institution and the relationship between planning and accreditation.  At the program, Fr. Excel Saycon, OAR, University Chaplain, led the Opening Prayer while Fr. Cachero gave the Welcome Message.  Director of Research, Planning and Development Office, Dr. Roy John dela Torre, introduced the guest speaker while Fr. Emeterio Buñao, OAR, House Prior, gave the Closing Remarks.

In the afternoon, Dr. Ponce met the core group that shall spearhead the institutional planning activities.  Members of this core group are the Director of Research, Planning and Development Office, Dr. Roy John dela Torre; Director of Student Affairs, Mr. Carlos Eduardo Legaspi, Jr.; University Accountant, Miss Fran Catague; and the college deans.

To get things started, a meeting was convened by Fr. Cachero in the evening of the same day.   Present at the meeting were the chairpersons, co-chairpersons, and some members of the different PAASCU committees.  Prof. Africa was around to answer more questions about the accreditation and to give more inputs to the different members of the committees.  During the meeting, the composition of the PAASCU Executive Committee was also finalized with Fr. Cachero as the Honorary Chairman and Fr. Joel Alve, OAR as the Survey Executive.

Named as chair and co-chairs to the different committees were Fr. Cornelio Moral, OAR and Engr. Christopher Taclobos for Philosophy and Objectives; Dr. Evangeline Aboyo and Fr. Emeterio Buñao, OAR for Community Outreach; Mrs. Arabella Ananoria and Fr. Excel Saycon, OAR for Libraries; Fr. Edcel Celiz, OAR and Mr. Carlos Eduardo Legaspi, Jr. for Physical Plant; Fr. Dexter Palagtiosa, OAR and Mr. Lino Sumbillo for Student Services; Fr. Sixto Bitangjol, OAR and Mrs. Ma. Judy Legaspi for Administration; Dr. Clifford Salugsugan and Dr. Elmer Haro for Faculty; Dr. Ofelia Posecion and Dr. Juanita Magan for Instruction; and Bro. Jaazeal Jakosalem, OAR for Laboratories.