Walk of Fame

Making Augustinian Recollect Education available for everyone through the Recoletos de Bacolod Walk of Fame



They both asked each other this question as they gazed in delight at the newly landscaped University Park, a pet project of the university president. “What else can we do for the school?”

Ms. Connie Po and Mr. Antonio Gargarita, both officers of the 2004 Recoletos de Bacolod Graduate School Student Council, had their minds set on something, which spells “success” or “generosity” or “progress” or “glory”. Why not a school version of Hollywood's Walk of Fame?

Both readily agreed that the project should bear the same flare and illustriousness of its Hollywood inspiration but exudes a very Recollect character: a scholarship program generated through the sales of marble slabs of the Walk of Fame that shall make Recollect education available for everyone in Bacolod City and Negros Occidental.

The UNO-R Walk of Fame immortalizes not only the men and women who have walked through the portals of the school but other individuals who align their personal mission with that of UNO-R: loving God by helping others make a difference in our society.

On August 15, 2007, the Feast of Our Lady's Assumption, Bacolod City Mayor Evelio R. Leonardia, Negros Occidental Governor Joseph G. Marañon (represented by sister Sonia) and University President Rev. Fr. Demetrio S. Peñascoza, OAR, installed the first marble slabs with their names engraved below a blue 6-point star. The stars shall lie permanently on the grounds of the university and withstand the test of time. Others said it was historic for the first university in the province to do it first in the country. Nevertheless, others felt it was momentous because as one sees the star of every individual side by side at the sprawling pathways of the school, he shall feel that he is standing on the birthplace of the men and women who have conquered the world. It was never a coincidence that the program invite bore a Holy Scripture passage:

"To him who conquers, I will give… hidden manna and I will give a white stone with a new name written which no one knows except him who receives it."         -Revelations 2:17

Speaking for and in behalf of the UNO-R community, Fr. Peñascoza, in his message, said it all, “An indicator of the school's success can be gauged in the quality of life of its graduates.”

One need not be a successful multi-national executive or politician to own a slab at the Walk of Fame. The Recollect community holds in high esteem the works of even very ordinary human hands. After all man is sanctified in his work and through work, he can sanctify others.

“The Walk of Fame encourages UNO-Rians to be mission-oriented,” said Rev. Fr. Raul M. Buhay, OAR, Vice President for Academics.

As of September 2007, there were about 120 stars at the Recoletos de Bacolod Walk of Fame. The telephone lines are continuously burning from UNORians who have heard of this wonderful news from friends. The message of which has successfully permeated the innermost corners of their hearts to make them yearn to come home to dear Alma Mater. At a press conference, one UNORian media practitioner noted this is the first time she has heard of an educational institution, which ventured into something that is very “showbiz”. An answer was volunteered that explains, “Recoletos de Bacolod Walk of Fame simply says a UNORIAN TAKES CARE OF ITS OWN.”