The UNO-R Administration held today, January 22, a Reception Program for the CNU (Cebu Normal University) Administrative Council at the President’s Hall.

The visit was in line with the CNU’s vision of a continuing transformational development. One of its strategies is to visit high-performing universities in the Visayas as a learning component for its rational organizational process of planned strategic change.

At the reception program, Fr. Sixto Bitangjol, OAR, University President, welcomed the members of the CNU Administrative Council and expressed optimism that the visit will hint the start of a productive bonding and collective efforts to achieve a common cause. Dr. Angel Pesirla, Vice President for Academic Affairs of CNU, gave the rationale of the visit and introduced the members of the council. Meanwhile, Fr. Raul Buhay, OAR, VP-Administration and Academics, delivered a short talk about UNO-R’s achievements and showed an audio-visual material about the Recollect schools in the Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno: SSC-R Manila, SSC-R Cavite, UNO-R, and USJ-R Cebu.

Interaction with different units followed before the guests were toured around the campus. Lunch was served at Fr. Mauricio Ferrero, OAR Hall.