RPDO Sponsors Research Seminar

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The Research Planning and Development Office (RPDO), in cooperation with the Recoletos de Bacolod Graduate School (RBGS), held a day and a half Seminar on “Enhancing Research Culture with Emphasis on Qualitative Research” last November 7-8 at the President’s Hall.  The seminar was conducted by Dr. Araceli C. Doromal, Research Director of John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation, Inc. – Bacolod Campus.


Participants of the RPDO sponsored seminar at the President's Hall.

The seminar discussed the development of a qualitative approach in a research study.  Dr. Doromal provided her experiences during the seminar.  She explained the current situation of the research culture in an academe saying that research is a journey going toward a new research paradigm.  She also stated that people in all walks of life need trainings and awareness before going to research.

Topics included in the seminar were Developmental Stages of Research Output, Ethics in Research, Approaches in Research, Qualitative Approaches to Inquiry, Grounded Theory, and Exploratory Study.  Over 35 faculty members and invited guests participated in the seminar.