Tokyo University Presents Philippine Cultural Show

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The Tokyo University for Foreign Studies as part of their goodwill mission tour, presented a Philippine Cultural Show at the University Gymnasium last March 10, 2008.


Tokyo University for Foreign Studies students with the administrators, deans, faculty and staff of UNO-R.


15 students from the Tokyo University, who specializes on Philippine culture and language, amazed the crowd as they impart their skills in dancing the different Folk Dances of the Philippines. Their colorful costumes, grace and talent have captured the Philippine cultural spirit. They are Miku Atsuta, Tomoni Ito, Urara Ito, Junko Kato, Mika Katoh, Natsuki Morikawa, Chika Nihei, Marina Oishi, Ayako Okada, Chie Sasaki, Kana Sasaki, Yoshimi Sato, Takami Shimotsuji, Mr. Taichi Kozan and Mr. Shohei Ogawa. They were accompanied by their coordinators, Michiko Yamashita-Shimizu, Leith Casel-Shutz and Kanami Namiki. A number of these students are now enrolled at the University of the Philippines as foreign exchange students. The Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group played the instruments. The group is composed of Raul Nepumuceno, Ronaldo Memdoza, Omar Aguilar, Randy Arcilla, Michael Bayani and Allan Villocino.


A total of 20 different dances, namely Cordillera’s Ragrasakan, Palok and Himalayas; Maria Clara’s Estudyantina, Paseo de Iloilo, Malagueña and Jota de Manila; Muslim Mindanao’s Janggay, Pindulas, Pig-apir and Singkil; Lesser known Tribal Dances like Dugso and Kadal Tajo; and Fiesta dances like Pandanggo sa Ilaw-Oasioas, Itik-itik, Maglalatik, Pasingin, Binasuan, Tinikling and Pastores Talisay, were witnessed by the crowd at the University Gym.


The Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Cultural Dance Troupe has performed in different places, not only here in the Philippines and Japan but also in Singapore and the United States. Their performance in Singapore was made possible thru the invitation of the Philippine Embassy in Singapore and the National University of Singapore. In the United States, the group was invited also to perform at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and in New York City.


Former Bacolod Congressman and UNO-R alumnus Mr. John Orola made it possible for the troupe to come to Bacolod City and perform here at the University of Negros Occiental – Recoletos.