VP-SW and DSA attend seminar

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The Asia-Pacific Student Services Association, Institute of Student Affairs conducted a Training Course on Research in Student Affairs Work at the Bayview park Hotel in Manila last March 8 – 10, 2007. Dr. Allan de Guzman of the University of Sto. Thomas was the speaker during the affair. New trends in making publishable papers were discussed.


Fr. Joel Alve, OAR , University Vice President – Student Welfare and Mr. Carlos Eduardo Legaspi, Jr., University DSA completed the training course.  The course discussed the recent trends in writing research papers which are Publishable.  Topics of discussion ranged from knowing the parts of Publishable Journal paper; Organizing of the related literature using Reconnaissance; Identifying and Defining of Conceptual tags; Developing a Research Simulacrum; Formulating of Research purpose; the Robotfoto and the 8-point Likert Scale instrument. 


The training course ended with Dr. De Guzman relating the story of Rose, an octogenarian who pursued her college degree and inspired a lot to dream the same. A week after she got her degree in College, Rose silently passed away in her sleep.  She convinced everyone in her school that age or physique does not hinder one to search and research for knowledge.



Fr. Alve and Mr. Legaspi with Dr. De Guzman and some of the participants


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Fr. VP-SW during one of the sessions.