As part of the celebration of the Feast of our father, St. Augustine a family day celebration was held at the Main lobby. The faculty, staff, and employees of the university were grouped accordingly for parlor games and contests. The morning activity was highlighted with the search for the UNO-R King and Queen. This year the title of 2019 UNO-R King and Queen went to the Orange Team’s candidates Krentz Nacionales (I.S. Grades 11 & 12) and Ma. Joselina “Wendy” Basa (COEd). The other candidates were Mr. Ferdinand Gayoles and Mrs. Elizabeth Villaruz (red); Mr. Joven Lavilla and Ms. Jeremae Montalban (yellow); Mr. Edwin Moradilla and Ernestine Roselle Lavilla (Green); and Mr. Elmeer Meeynard Calimpos and Mrs. Virginia Mugar (blue). Mrs. Evelinda Chavez, 2018 UNO-R Queen escorted by Engr. Christopher Taclobos made her farewell walk and speech and crowned the 2019 UNO-R King and Queen. The prestigious Board of Judges were Fray Walthrode Conde, OAR; Fray Alden Alipin, OAR; and Ms. Nilda Jamila. Lunch was served after the pageant. Previous UNO-R King and Queens were Mr. Luis Clauor and Mrs. Lourdes Mirasol; Mr. Lino Sumbillo and Dr. Chona Mascuñana; Mr. Mario Caro and Mrs. Barbara Cordova; Mr. Jose Caballero and Mrs. Ginalyn Libosada; and Mr. Alvin Hablo and Mrs. Evelinda Chavez.