The Recoletos de Negros communities met August 27, the feast of St. Monica, at the UNO-R President’s Hall to discuss Pope Benedict XV’s 1919 Apostolic letter “Maximum Illud”. Fray Allan Jacinto, OAR discussed the Pastoral and Ecclesial considerations of the Apostolic Letter. Fray Emilio E.A. Quilatan, OAR discussed the historical response of the Order to the call to missions before and after the “Maximum Illud”. And Fray Edgar Tubio, OAR gave the updates from the office of the Section on Ministerial and Mission Apostolate. The group was given the following reminders; display of tarps in all parishes and schools; daily recitation of the EMM prayer, Biblical and theological reflections on Missions; showing of AVP’s from the different Recollect mission areas before the start of the Mass; short talk about the missions after communion; Observance of the days of Prayer and Fasting (all Fridays of October); launch the project “A gallon for the Missions” which would awaken the laity on their missionary obligations ; and observance of the month for Recollect Mission. The conference was attended by Fray Cristituto Palomar, OAR; Fray Roderick Deguit, OAR; Fray Jay Parilla, OAR; Fray Excel Saycon, OAR; Fray James Dexter Tanguis, OAR; Fray Kenneth Pahamutang, OAR; Fray Paul Demollones, OAR; Fray Sir Michael Dineros, OAR; Fray William Cordero, OAR; Fray Vicente Ramon, OAR; Fray Joel Alve, OAR; Fray Cirilo Andan, OAR; Fray Jose Teodulfo Jadulco, OAR; Fray Nino Cesar Ruiz, OAR; Fray Emilio Jaruda, Jr., OAR; Fray Leonardo Pauligue, OAR; Fray Randy Castilo, OAR; Fray Anthony Morillo, OAR; Fray Jazzy Jeff Montañez, OAR; Fray Walthrode Conde, OAR; Fray Jose Alden Alipin, OAR; Fray Amadeo Lucero, OAR; Fray Persiuz Joseph Decena, OAR; Fray Renier Alviola, OAR; Fray Ronel Gealon, OAR; and Fray William Villaflor, OAR. The Conference was closed with a Concelebrated Mass led by Fray Tubio at the Chapel of Recoletos de Bacolod Convent.